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Simple interactive scene

Simple interactive scene

This blogpost walks you through creating a scene with basic interactions.

Full scene code.

Multiuser scene

Multiuser scene.

This blogpost walks you through making a scene have a shared state for all of its users.

Dynamic flock of hummingbirds

Dynamic flock of hummingbirds.

This blogpost walks you through animating 3D models, and handling a number of entities that changes over time. Each bird flies randomly following its own loop, and each time you click the tree a new bird is added to the scene.

Memory game

Memory game.

This blogpost describes the code of a “Simon Says” type game. This game is a good example of how to add more complex logic into a scene.

Full scene code

Port a game from Redux

Chess game

This blogpost walks you through importing the logic of an existing 2D game built with Redux into a Decentraland scene.

Call an API from a scene

Weather from an API

This blogpost explains how to call a weather API from your scene to display different weather conditions based on that.